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Investigating The Existing Education Initiatives For Out Of School Girls And Teenage Mothers in Tanzania Mainland.

dc.contributor.authorTanzania Education Network
dc.description.abstractThis study investigated the existing educational initiatives for supporting out of schoolgirls and teenage mothers (OOSGTs) in Tanzania Mainland. It specifically sought to identify the number, location and ownership of the available initiatives as well as the available services and support for the education of OOSGTs. The study also sought to document the number of OOSGTs enrolled in those educational initiatives and assess the capacity of the available initiatives to provide services and support for OOSGTs’ education. Additionally, the study sought to determine the best model(s) for the provision of education to OOSGTs that can be scaled up in the larger context of Tanzania. It is estimated that over 40 countries have conducted regional studies to determine the magnitude of the problem of out of school children, to identify barriers faced in the provision of education to OOSGTs and to examine policy options for resolving the problem (UNICEF, 2018). A number of global initiatives have been made to deal with girls who drop out of school and those who have never been enrolled in school at all (UNICEF, 2011). To address the problem of out of schoolchildren and achieve Sustainable Development (SD) Goal 4 by 2030, many countries of the world (including Tanzania) have formulated fee-free education policies.en_US
dc.titleInvestigating The Existing Education Initiatives For Out Of School Girls And Teenage Mothers in Tanzania Mainland.en_US
dc.typeResearch Reporten_US
local.institution.nameTanzania's TENMETen_US
local.institution.regionEast Africaen_US
local.institution.themeInclusive Educationen_US

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