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Comparative Study(Lesotho and SADC) On Inclusive and Non-Formal Education.

dc.contributor.authorComstat Consultancy Firm
dc.description.abstractThe purpose of this study was to conduct a comparative analysis on the inclusive and non-formal education modalities and success in the SADC region, with the aim of guiding the current frameworks for implementation in Lesotho. One of the key concerns in the context of Lesotho has been the gap between policy and practice. Policies on Inclusive Education and Non-Formal Education exist in Lesotho. However, the gap between policy and practice which can be explained by inadequate training programs, inadequate collaboration, limited human and financial resources, disparities in access for learners in different geographic terrains and lack of implementation guidelines. These might have compromised the value associated with the implementation of quality Inclusive and Non-formal Education policies in Lesotho. In reviewing these policies and policy frameworks in five selected countries in the SADC region, this study drew on critical perspectives of Inclusive and Non-formal Education that are aimed at informing a trajectory for Lesotho policy implementation and practice. The key focus of this comparative review was to highlight and recognise education’s potential to enhance or undermine processes of sustainable policy visions that are compromised by lack of implementation. A desktop review of policies and relevant documents and publications revealed that the five sampled SADC countries have similar implementation modalities. However, they have also shown differences which emanate from the environmental and economic challenges. The study concludes by recommending a more robust financing model which could inform formula-based policies to reallocate education resources to disadvantaged groups of the populations) and active governance structure to ensure effective implementation of Inclusive and Non-formal Education policies.en_US
dc.subjectInclusive and Non-Formal Educationen_US
dc.titleComparative Study(Lesotho and SADC) On Inclusive and Non-Formal Education.en_US
dc.typeResearch Reporten_US
local.institution.nameLesotho's LCNen_US
local.institution.regionSouthern Africaen_US
local.institution.themeInclusive Educationen_US

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